We care about you beyond your venture

As founders we understand customers are the lifeblood of your business. We drive customer adoption by leveraging our unique network of healthcare customers, clinical luminaries and globally recognized influencers.

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Payors, Health Systems and Employers

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As founders we understand the wheel of life is much more than your business. We invest in personal growth, mindset coaching and eliminating limiting beliefs for our founders so you life a balanced, healthy and highest version of yourself.


We provide opportunities for you
to reset your mindset.


Access the world’s best
personal development coaches.


We help you give back
in ways meaningful for you.

What founders say

Khalil Ramadi

“Chris has a unique ability to translate science to business. Due to his strong scientific background, he can create the link that is often missing between academia and industry. His capacity to take a concept or idea and figure out the first steps needed to demonstrate viability is unmatched.”

Jacob Luria

Christian and his team have been a strong partner in both our capital market engagement and go to market strategies – the strong network has made our work with Christian very rewarding and efficient across the board.

Alex Revelos

“Chris and his team are fantastic investors and advisors to have in your corner. They go out of their way to help you eliminate barriers and jumpstart your business. More importantly, they have the entrepreneurial battle scars to help you accelerate.”

Ethan Davidoff

New to healthcare I needed someone who knows the industry and could be in my corner. Christian was one of the first investors to see the change Atlas could make in the industry and most importantly in people’s lives. Super easy to work with an incredible rolodex, Christian is the value-add investor you want to partner with.

Zen Chu

“Few people have Chris’s unique ability to transform seemingly complex issues and problems into continued progress and his thought partnership is extremely valuable for early-stage health companies. Chris understands how to help founders think through what moves the needle in 0 to 1 entrepreneurship.”

Abner Mason

"Every early-stage investment dollar is not equal. Founders must find investors who are true partners, including being there in tough times, which will happen. Christian is a real value-add, from intros, to potential customers, and help solving complex problems. Christian is the kind of investor you want."